An under-the-radar signal is providing crucial hints about the next stock-market crash — and trade-war turmoil could soon have it flashing red

As the US-China trade war rages on, equity strategists across Wall Street are getting increasingly divided on the future of the stock market. Dennis DeBusschere — the head of Evercore ISI’s portfolio strategy research team — has identified one forward-looking signal he says investors should watch closely when assessing when the next stock-market crash will […]

U.S. strikes at China’s biggest phone maker

The smartest insight and analysis, from all perspectives, rounded up from around the web: The “tech cold war has begun” in earnest, said Tim Culpan at Bloomberg. The president issued an executive order barring telecom companies from installing foreign-made equipment that could pose a danger to national security — a grenade aimed at the Chinese […]

The right way to downsize American higher education

The American university is shrinking. It has been a relatively quiet downsizing so far, but it’s going to get louder in the years ahead. College enrollment is decreasing nationwide. Lower-tier schools are struggling to meet enrollment goals, and even mid-tier schools are scrambling to develop new fiscal strategies. Partly, this shift just reflects the fact […]