Raceline Radio Weekend Wrap-Up and Show Guest Schedule – Week of September 24

Raceline Radio Weekend Wrap-Up and Show Guest Schedule

Compiled By Erik Tomas, The Raceline Radio Network. Week Of: September 24th, 2017

NASCAR Sprint Cup Series:

Last Race: Sunday Sept. 24th: New Hampshire Motor Speedway: It looked like Martin Truex Jr. and Canadian CC Cole Pearn were on their way to a 2nd straight playoff win, until a multi-car wreck ended his day 112 laps in, turning domination over to Kyle Busch who scores his 3rd win of the season, 41st of his career to advance to the next “Round of 12”. Kyle just missed getting ensnared in that wreck himself! He led a race-high 187 laps.

Cup points into Dover Delaware, Race # 3/10: Busch advances along with Chicago winner Truex Jr., Kyle Larson, who finished 2nd at NH and Brad Keselowski as they head into Dover. Truex Jr. leads Kyle Larson by 24 points.

Next Race: Sunday October 1st: Dover Delaware. Last yr’s winner: Truex Jr. _____________________________________________________________________________

Formula One World Driving Championship:

Next Race: Sunday October 1st: Malaysian Grand Prix, Sepang. Last yr’s winner: D. Ricciardo

Last Race: Sunday Sept. 17th: Grand Prix of Singapore: Calamity and bits flyin’ off the wet start! Pole sitter Sebastien …read more

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California rewrites the GOP’s climate playbook

Royal Palms Beach, San Pedro, erosion

(Credit: AP Photo/John Antczak)

For the past decade, Democrats hoping to pass a big climate law have played Charlie Brown to the Republicans’ Lucy. Despite the GOP making it clear it has no intention of holding the ball for a global warming kick, the left routinely convinces itself that their counterparts will kneel into position once it gets a running start.

In 2010, Senate Democrats appealed to Republicans to pass federal climate legislation, only to see almost every conservative bail on them. Since then we’ve seen the old pattern repeat in statehouses and ballot boxes around the country: Democrats ask the GOP to hold the ball then go flying head-over-heels.

But then in July, a cadre of eight California Republicans crossed the aisle to vote with Democrats and pass that state’s cap-and-trade law.

The partisan space-time continuum shuddered — and this was before back-to-back superstorms, Harvey and Irma, buffeted the United States. Had the well-worn GOP force field stymieing progress on climate change begun to crack at the far-western edge?

While an enraged right planned the ouster of its leader, Chad Mayes, California Governor Jerry Brown praised him and the others who’d broken ranks. As did former Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, …read more

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Due to global warming, changing Kodiak bear diets could wreak havoc for all

brown bear cub

(Credit: Getty)

After several years of studying brown bear ecology on Alaska’s Kodiak Island, I grew used to walking up streams into scenes of carnage. Where bears had killed and eaten spawning sockeye salmon, streambeds were littered with fish heads, jaws and whole carcasses, and plants on the stream banks were flattened. But at the peak of the stream spawning run in 2014, I was puzzled to find no bears or salmon parts. Salmon were dying naturally after spawning and piling up in streams, intact.

I’ve spent the last three years trying to solve this ecological puzzle. After extensive field and lab work along with researchers from Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, Flathead Lake Biological Station and Oregon State University, we arrived at a fascinating conclusion.

In warm years, another favorite bear food — red elderberries — ripened early enough to overlap with the salmon season. This forced bears to choose between the foods. Surprisingly, almost all bears opted for berries over salmon. This choice has likely altered food webs, and will become increasingly common with expected climate warming.

Our team was struck by the bears’ seemingly counterintuitive switch. Why would bears stop eating a high-protein food loaded with energy? Quickly, though, …read more

Source:: Salon.com