Kendall Jenner Gets Naked to Talk About Acne For Some Reason

“Sex sells” is one of those ad industry cliches that’s so well-worn that you could probably get laughed out of a Madison Avenue boardroom for uttering the phrase. But that doesn’t make it any less true. And no one understands the marketing power of flesh quite like the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. For the […]

Michelle Obama issues veiled rebuke of Trump’s racist tweets: ‘It’s not my America or your America. It’s our America.’

Former First Lady Michelle Obama in a tweet on Friday said what “truly makes our country great is its diversity” in a tweet that was seemingly designed to denounce President Donald Trump. Though Obama did not mention the president’s name, her tweet espoused themes that go against much of his rhetoric and recent statements. The […]

When John McCain ran against Barack Obama, he went out of his way to defend him as a ‘decent family man’. Watch the viral video.

President Donald Trump did nothing to halt racist chants at his Wednesday rally in North Carolina. Now people on Twitter are talking about the late Republican Sen. John McCain’s defense of then-Sen. Barack Obama from a racist voter at a 2008 town hall. A video of the exchange is going viral. In the video, a […]

Luxe Pillow is the small, no-nonsense sleep startup you’ve never heard of but need to try — here’s why

Two pillows from a young and nondescript company have dethroned my longstanding big-name favorites. Luxe Pillow makes two eponymous pillows — the premium down-and-feather Luxe Pillow ($129) and the less expensive gel Luxe Pillow ($79) — that have a firm internal core and softer external chambers that nail a soft-but-supportive feel. They worked well as […]