Theresa May is now the most unpopular prime minister ever at this stage in her premiership

Theresa May

LONDON — Theresa May is now more unpopular than any other former British prime minister at this stage in their premiership, according to a new opinion poll released today.

The Ipsos Mori /Evening Standard poll finds that May has a net satisfaction rating of minus 25%, which is lower than the pollsters have ever recorded for a prime minister just one month after a general election.

May’s ratings are now worse than all of her predecessors at a similar stage in their premiership since the pollsters first started conducting polls in the 1970s. Her ratings are now 24 points lower than Jeremy Corbyn whose own ratings now stand at minus 1%.

Ipsos Mori / Evening Standard satisfaction ratings

Theresa May

Satisfied: 34%
Dissatisfied: 59%
Net: -25%

Jeremy Corbyn

Satisfied: 44%
Dissatisfied: 45%
Net: -1%

Corbyn is now also more popular with his own party supporters than May.

However large sections of the public are still struggling to see him as a potential prime minister. May still leads Corbyn by 46% to 38% as the “most capable prime minister.”

The poll also finds Labour ahead of the Conservatives by 1%.

Ipsos Mori / Evening Standard poll

Labour: 42%
Conservatives: 41%
Liberal Democrats: 9%
UKIP: 3%
Greens: 2%

A YouGov poll published last week …read more

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Citymapper has confirmed that it’s launching a night bus in East London

citymapper night bus green

It’s official: Citymapper is launching a commercial night bus in East London.

Earlier this week, Business Insider reported that the British transportation startup had been granted a permit to run an overnight bus service between Highbury & Islington and Aldgate East. On Thursday, it confirmed the news, publishing a blog post about its intentions.

“We found central London fairly well covered during the day by existing TfL services, but we identified bigger gaps in the night network,” Citymapper wrote. “People in London are staying out later, especially in East London. For example there are more late night destinations on Commercial Road, without any night bus support.”

Citymapper is best known for its eponymous app that helps users find their way through cities. But it’s now making moves into the transportation business directly.

In May, it launched a pop-up bus route in central London (CMX1) as a showcase for new tech it has been building to help plan and route public transportation.

It was free-to-ride — but Citymapper’s latest route, the CM2, will be a commercial operation.

Users can pay via contactless debit and credit cards, as well as Android Pay and Apple Pay, like TfL buses, and will offer USB chargers on seats. Otherwise …read more

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“How to be a Russian oligarch”: Stephen Colbert sits down with Mikhail Prokhorov outside Moscow

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 4.30.33 AM

(Credit: CBS)

“The Late Show” is countering the White House’s “Made in America Week” with one of their own, themed weeks. Stephen Colbert recently went to Moscow where he filmed some field pieces for “Russia Week.” He had the opportunity to meet one of the world’s wealthiest people on the trip, Russian oligarch Mikhail Prokhorov, known in the U.S. for being the owner of the Brooklyn Nets.

Prokhorov invited Colbert to meet with him at his mansion outside Moscow. Colbert has made clear throughout the week that he did not feel very safe during his visit to Russia, and that anxiousness came out in his interview with Prokhorov.

“Tell me how to oligarch,” Colbert said to start the interview. “And is that an OK term for you? Nothing negative about the term ‘oligarch’ for you, is there?”

“It’s a bad word,” Prokhorov answered candidly.

“Is it offensive to you that I use the term ‘oligarch?’ I want to get out of here with all of my toes,” Colbert said somewhat jokingly.

“The Late Show” host went through a list of things he assumed a Russian billionaire would own: a yacht, an exotic pet, a jet.

While Prokhorov said he owned a jet, he admitted that he …read more


How a Quick-Thinking Construction Worker Helped Rescue a 1-Year-Old Hours After He Was Abducted

California construction worker Colin Blevin says he almost called in sick on the morning he ended up helping save a missing baby from the child’s accused abductor.

“My hip was hurting real bad,” Blevin tells PEOPLE. “But I needed to get work done.”

So to work he went on Monday — where, according to him and to police, he crossed paths with a man who had allegedly stolen a car and a 1-year-old boy earlier that morning some 90 miles away.

Blevin, 44, says it was about 7 a.m. and he was arriving to work at Ciarra Construction in San Jose, California, when he spotted a Honda Accord blocking the entranceway. He says he asked the driver, 44-year-old Raymond Randy Gutierrez, to move the vehicle.

That’s when he noticed a baby in a car seat in the back.

“He moved the car and I pulled in,” Blevin says. “The back door was cracked open and I saw a baby. I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know initially the baby was in danger and there was an AMBER Alert.”

Blevin says he realized quickly that something was off about the other man and the child he had with him.

After he pulled in, Blevin says …read more