How Trump’s incoherent U.N. speech perfectly mirrored America’s foreign policy

From the moment Donald Trump began his campaign for president, he displayed a remarkable knack for exposing the incoherence lying just beneath the surface of the Republican Party’s governing ideology. The GOP claims to champion the interests of ordinary Americans, but its policies favor elites at the expense of everyone else. The party portrays itself […]

Watch day turn to night in these breathtaking photographs

The first thing you’ll notice when you look at one of Stephen Wilkes’ photographs is the grandeur of the view: a sweeping, glistening cityscape saturated with color, taken from an impressive bird’s-eye perspective. Brooklyn Bridge. | (Stephen Wilkes) But if you let your gaze linger a little longer, another subject emerges out of the photograph […]

The Middle East’s hidden oasis

Each week, we spotlight a dream vacation recommended by some of the industry’s top travel writers. This week’s pick is Oman. (Courtesy image) “Oman isn’t exactly an obvious destination for Americans,” said Hanya Yanagihara at Condé Nast Traveler. But don’t make any assumptions about this Arab country of 5 million based on its neighbors Saudi […]