The week’s best photojournalism

A delivery robot crosses the road in Tianjin, China. | (REUTERS/Stringer) Taxidermied animals in Paris. | (REUTERS/Charles Platiau) Dolls in Seville, Spain. | (REUTERS/Marcelo del Pozo) A flock of starlings in Milan, Italy. | (AP Photo/Luca Bruno) World Internet Conference attendees in Jiaxing, China. | (REUTERS/Stringer) People on a bridge in New Delhi. | (REUTERS/Anushree […]

Is Saudi Arabia about to spoil one of Trump’s favorite talking points?

One thing President Trump has never lacked is a salesman’s ability to hype a deal. And one of the deals Americans most covet is cheap gasoline — which means cheap oil. Since hitting a recent peak of $84 a barrel in early October, oil has plunged around 20 percent in price. True to his nature, […]

How Saudi Arabia became America’s ally

When did the alliance start?The relationship goes back to the late 1930s, just after Abdul Aziz ibn Saud consolidated squabbling Arab tribes into a kingdom. U.S. energy companies had discovered oil in the Arabian Peninsula, and they asked their government to promote their interests with the new monarch. In 1945, President Franklin Roosevelt met King […]