Trump might embroil American troops in a disastrous war to help a murderer

Is President Trump about to start a war with Iran? It appears disturbingly possible, with Saudi Arabia blaming a recent attack on an oil installation on that country, and Trump behaving like a paid Saudi lobbyist. He recently announced yet further sanctions on Iran and mused about doing more “dastardly things” in retaliation. Secretary of […]

How Avigdor Lieberman won the Israeli election

In his first speech to supporters after Tuesday’s national elections in Israel, the winner declared that there was “only one option” — a national unity government. Normally that would be a strange thing for a winner to trumpet; national unity governments are what you get when there is no real winner and the largest parties […]

Why Israel is the envy of right-wing populists around the world

At first glance, estimates of the results of Tuesday’s national election in Israel look like bad news for the right. The Likud Party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with its allied right-wing parties, failed to win an outright majority. Since the secular-nationalist party of Avigdor Lieberman (Yisrael Beiteinu) has vowed not to join in […]

The myth of energy independence

It looks like the world oil market avoided a worst-case scenario over the weekend. Saturday’s drone strikes against Saudi Arabia’s oil infrastructure may have temporarily knocked out a hefty chunk of the country’s production capacity, but by all accounts something close to full production should be restored soon. Still, oil prices jumped roughly 20 percent […]