German archaeologists uncover prayer books, shoes, and other traces of Nazi massacre

A group of German archaeologists found about 400 artifacts from World War II after excavating three rural sites near the towns of Warstein, Suttrop, and Eversberg, LiveScience reported on Tuesday. While exploring the sites of former Nazi camps, the researchers said that most of the 400 artifacts came from Langenbach Valley near Warstein, where LiveScience […]

Trump isn’t rolling back the American empire. He’s expanding it.

Is President Trump really rolling back the American empire? His isolationist cheerleaders insist the answer is “yes.” If you look past his bellicosity to his “America First” foreign policy, they say, you’ll find the seeds of ending decades of neoconservative interventionism and limiting the country’s military engagements to areas where some vital national interest is […]

What does climate change mean for having children? Nothing.

What amateur logicians call “guilt by association” might be bad logic, but it is an excellent rhetorical strategy. The endless public calls by X for Y to disavow Z after Z is discovered to have endorsed A in order to prove that Y is not a proponent of A prove this. Still, I would prefer […]