The media’s Pope Francis problem

The media does not understand Pope Francis. It’s not just that The New York Times and other mainstream media outlets delight in reporting on the pope’s off-the-cuff utterances without any necessary context, as if his criticisms of capitalism and his concern for the environment were controversial and not totally in line with the social magisterium […]

The Qatar crisis, the deep state, and a mysterious leak

The latest in the seemingly endless series of Middle Eastern conflicts has just taken another turn. But for Americans, what’s happening overseas may be less important than the way the ongoing conflict is playing out in the American press. Back on May 24, the Qatar News Agency broadcast a news story in which the Qatari […]

The wistful daydreams of Lebanon’s forgotten soldiers

What do we yearn for in times of hardship? (Tanya Traboulsi) In 2010, Austrian-Lebanese photographer Tanya Traboulsi discovered remnants of an answer to that question in the form of tattered, washed-out photographs, posters, and magazine clippings on the walls of a warehouse in an industrial area of eastern Beirut. At the time, the building was […]

Many European countries have no terrorism problem. Why?

This map is fascinating. Courtesy of The Telegraph’s travel section, it offers a color-coded display of the global terror threat. Green countries, like Mongolia, Mexico, and Mozambique, are quite unlikely to experience terrorism in the near future. Yellow have some underlying risk, orange more still, and red nations have a comparatively high chance of experiencing […]