French women don’t get sad, and other useful lies

All my life, I’ve been haunted by a specter — the specter of the French woman. French women, we’re reliably told, don’t get fat; they’re better parents; they’re “more tolerant” of sexual harassment, to quote The New York Times; they age gracefully; they have “seductive style.” Typing the phrase “French woman” into Amazon yields results […]

The NSA knew about cellphone surveillance around the White House 6 years ago

As I was stealthily gathering government secrets for the 2013 book I wrote about national security, a source of unimpeachable reliability tipped me off to a big one. The source told me that, in the course of a National Security Agency “information assurance” exercise, the agency discovered cellphone site emulators and even infrastructure around the […]

Trump is a lousy president. He still deserves a victory lap on North Korea.

Hooray for President Trump. Those are words I never expected to write. But here we are, in the first stunned hours after the Singapore summit has been concluded, and right now it looks like the U.S. is less likely to go to war against North Korea than it was a few months ago. That’s a […]