Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are all facing moderation issues — here’s how America’s tech giants are struggling to police their massive platforms (AMZN, GOOGL, FB, TWTR)

The Wall Street Journal published an investigation on Friday into Amazon’s “struggle to police its site.” The report found that Amazon is allowing thousands of “banned, unsafe, or mislabeled” items to be sold on its marketplace. YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter similarly struggle to moderate content, illustrating the larger issue of tech platforms swelling to a […]

‘Like you’ve been fired from your job’: YouTubers have lost thousands of dollars after their channels were mistakenly demonetized for months

A slew of YouTubers has been mistakenly demonetized in the past year, with the platform stripping their videos of the opportunity to make money, while still keeping them up on the site. YouTubers with sizeable followings who rely on making money from the platform have vocally protested the phenomenon in order to regain monetization. Three […]

This massive 121-ton electric dump truck never uses more energy than it generates on its own — here’s how that works

Researchers in Switzerland and a construction supply company have developed an electric dump truck that can consume less energy than it produces in certain situations. The 121-ton “eDumper” was unveiled in April and produces its own energy through regenerative braking on downhill runs. The massive machine then uses that energy to go back up the […]

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 10 is the company’s first smartphone without a headphone jack, and Samsung didn’t include a headphone dongle — here’s why

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 is the first Samsung phone to ditch the headphone jack. The company isn’t including a headphone jack dongle with the Galaxy Note 10. It would rather include a pair of earphones that it values at $100 instead of a $15 dongle. I tried the earphones made by AKG that came with […]