Elon Musk says Tesla will create a normal pickup truck if the Cybertruck doesn’t sell, as a ‘fallback strategy’ (TSLA)

Despite hundreds of thousands of Cybertruck pre-orders, Elon Musk told Automotive News that Tesla will build a “normal truck, no problem” if people don’t buy the unique design. An exact number or pre-orders isn’t known. Musk has previously said Tesla had crossed 200,000 pre-orders since the Cybertruck was revealed in November, but a Wedbush analyst […]

How to take a screenshot on a Google Chrome browser in 4 different ways, using a simple trick

You can take a screenshot in Google Chrome with one of your computer’s built-in tools, or via Chrome’s developer menu. To take a screenshot with Chrome’s developer menu, open the Element Inspector and then type “screenshot.” You can choose from among four kinds of screenshots, including one that captures an entire web page, even if […]

How to enable Hulu closed captions and format them for better visibility

You can enable Hulu’s closed caption feature for assistance with dialog regardless of the device you’re using to watch Hulu. On most devices, you can enable closed captions and choose the language you want to see using the Settings icon, which is shaped like a gear. You can also customize the font size, style, and […]

Poshmark clothing resellers are becoming Instagram influencers to increase sales and make money from brand sponsorships

Poshmark is a social shopping app where users can resell clothing from their own closets or thrift stores. Some sellers earn tens of thousands of dollars in sales. Some Poshmark resellers are using social-media apps like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to not only grow their audiences, but also drive sales. “I think I would still […]

Microsoft is poised to pay billions for TikTok, but it’s a tremendously risky move that will put CEO Satya Nadella’s strategy to the ultimate test (MSFT)

On the face of it, Microsoft’s decision to explore the possibility of spending billions on a TikTok acquisition seems like a weird business decision. Under CEO Satya Nadella, Microsoft has doubled down on cloud computing and productivity software, leaving the Xbox console as its last major consumer brand. TikTok, a mega-popular viral video app with […]

TikTok users are heaping praise on Microsoft after news broke that the company is in talks to buy the app

President Trump told reporters on July 31 that he was planning on banning TikTok in the United States, causing concern among many of the app’s users and influencers. TikTok was not banned over the weekend, and Microsoft has confirmed that it is still in talks to acquire the app’s US operations. Now, TikTok users who […]

Snapchat is rolling out a new TikTok-like feature that will allow users to play popular songs over the videos they record (SNAP)

Snapchat will release a new feature that will allow users to overlay their recorded videos with popular songs, per a report from The Verge, similar to how TikTok operates. Users will have access to a selection of music from Warner Music Group and other music publishing companies. News of the feature comes as Microsoft is […]

Amazon is reportedly facing a new antitrust investigation into its online marketplace led by the FTC and attorneys general in New York and California (AMZN)

The Federal Trade Commission and attorneys general from New York and California have opened a new antitrust investigation into Amazon’s online marketplace, Bloomberg reported Monday. The agencies will coordinate on the probe and plan to interview witnesses starting in the next few weeks, according to the report. Amazon has come under increasing scrutiny over potential […]

Trump says TikTok has until September 15 to find a US buyer or it will be banned — and the US Treasury should get payment as part of the sale

President Donald Trump said TikTok has until Sept. 15 to find a US buyer or else face a ban. He also said the US Treasury should receive payment as part of a potential deal in which TikTok is sold to a US company. Trump has previously threatened to ban the app, which is owned by […]

The CEO of ServiceNow on how the cloud giant’s workforce grew by 20% during the coronavirus crisis: ‘We’re adding jobs left, right and center’ (NOW)

ServiceNow CEO Bill McDermott had vowed that the tech giant would not resort to layoffs as the COVID crisis battered the tech industry earlier this year. Not only has ServiceNow kept that promise, but the tech giant has expanded its workforce by 20% to meet stronger demand due to the sudden shift to remote work […]