The president of $85 billion Qualcomm explains his master plan for growth, 4 months after Trump blocked its takeover by Broadcom (QCOM)

Qualcomm makes the chips that power nearly every smartphone, but lately its name has been associated with a series of scandals — including a hostile take over attempt by its competitor Broadcom, which President Trump stopped with a presidential order. Now the company has to prove to shareholders and the world that it can overcome […]

I was blown away by how well this $530 phone’s camera compared to Google’s $650 Pixel 2, the best smartphone camera in the world (GOOG, GOOGL)

What better way to test out a couple of the best smartphone cameras than on a casual stroll through town. I was curious to see how the $530 OnePlus 6 fared against the $650 Google Pixel 2 — the latter of which sports the best camera on any smartphone at the moment. The OnePlus 6 […]

What would happen if you could skydive off the International Space Station

While the sight from the International Space Station is a beautiful one, jumping off of it won’t be. It will be a deadly journey for any astronaut who jumps off the ISS to reach Earth’s surface. Following is the transcript of the video. Most skydivers jump off a plane flying 3.8 km above the ground. […]

6 shows Netflix should never have canceled, from ‘Gypsy’ to ‘Sense8’

Not too long ago, Netflix famously never canceled shows. But over the past year and a half, Netflix has been on a canceling streak, cutting shows like “The Get Down,” “Girlboss,” and “Gypsy.” After a few years of being lenient on letting shows survive more than one season, this came as a surprise, especially considering […]