People really want this ‘ugly’ Windows 95 sweater that Microsoft is giving away, but unfortunately you can’t buy it

Microsoft is giving away Windows 95 sweaters to “lucky fans” through the @Windows Twitter account. The company calls them “ugly,” but the overall consensus on the internet is that people desperately want one. Unfortunately, the sweater isn’t available to buy at the moment. Microsoft posted a tweet on Thursday evening announcing its Windows 95 “ugly” […]

Explainability is the key to opening AI’s ‘black box’

By Ritika Gunnar, Vice President, Watson Data and AI at IBM Today, citizens and consumers expect their service providers to offer a full explanation of any decision that affects them. Working hard to meet these expectations is a smart move for any public or private sector organization. When an organization takes the time to help […]

It looks like Facebook is aggressively trying to expand its business beyond selling display ads

Facebook is looking to aggressively expand its business beyond selling mostly display ads. Executives have been warning investors for months that these ads are nearing a growth ceiling on its main app. Analysts say engagement on Facebook’s main app (where it sells most of these ads) is declining, which puts even more pressure on the […]

Nintendo’s huge new ‘Smash Bros.’ game is the best one in years, and I can’t stop playing it

Nintendo’s biggest game of the year, “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate,” is now available. Good news: It’s an incredibly impressive game that’s ridiculously fun to play, alone and with friends. I’ve been playing the “Smash Bros.” franchise since the first one. “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is the best game in the series. There are hundreds of […]