An Amazon warehouse worker in New York was fired on the same day he helped lead a protest of the company’s coronavirus response to safety concerns (AMZN)

Amazon fired a warehouse worker on Monday who helped organize a strike earlier in the day in protest of the company’s response to the coronavirus. The worker, Chris Smalls, said he was fired in retaliation for his activism and that “Amazon would rather sweep a problem under the rug than act to keep workers and […]

Google’s revenue is on track to shrink for the first time ever because of the coronavirus, according to one of the internet industry’s top analysts (GOOG, GOOGL)

Alphabet’s biggest revenue stream is set to be hit hard by the coronavirus, with digital advertising already dropping off. Key analysts predict that the effects could be felt throughout the year, with one predicting Google’s first year-over-year decline in ad revenue. It would be a more significant drop than the company experienced during the last […]

Zoom is under scrutiny from the New York Attorney General for its privacy practices (ZM)

Zoom is under scrutiny by the New York Attorney General’s office for its data privacy and security practices. The NY attorney general’s office sent a letter to Zoom asking what new security measures the company has put in place, if any, to handle its huge surge in usage, according to the New York Times, and […]

Salesforce just granted its top execs over $5 million in cash bonuses, including $2.35 million to CEO Marc Benioff (CRM)

Salesforce is awarding over $5 million in cash bonuses to its top five executives. CEO Marc Benioff alone will receive nearly half of that: He’ll be paid $2.3 million in bonuses on April 15. While the bonuses are an annual occurrence, this year’s awards come amid an economic downturn that has led to widespread of […]