The best players in baseball are signing big extensions years before their contracts are up, and Mike Trout says it’s because players want to ‘stay away’ from free agency

Los Angeles Angels star Mike Trout said MLB players want to avoid free agency. Trout was one of several big-name players to ink rich, long-term extensions with their teams this offseason, a stark contrast to the free agent market, which has been stagnant the last two years. Trout wouldn’t go as far as to say […]

The Carolina Panthers made an awesome mash-up of 16 classic video games to reveal their regular season schedule. Here’s every game they referenced.

In a video released on Wednesday, the NFL’s Carolina Panthers used 16 different video games to show off their regular season matchups. Most of the games are retro titles from the 90s, but there are some references to modern games, like “Pokémon Go.” The NFL season kicks off on September 5, and tickets for the […]

Michael Phelps tried running a 5K Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and almost lost to an 11-year-old

Michael Phelps said he almost lost a 5K to an 11-year-old girl on Thanksgiving last year. Phelps revealed the anecdote while speaking with NBC Sports about the viral video of him cheering on Tiger Woods at the Masters. Phelps also confirmed once again that he had no plans of returning to competitive swimming. Visit […]

Gregg Popovich spends an estimated 7 figures per year on team dinners and reportedly leaves $10,000 tips, wads of cash, tickets to games, and bottles of his custom wine to staff

Gregg Popovich is a notorious believer in big and lengthy team dinners, often ordering the nicest bottles of wine at some of the nicest restaurants in America. According to a story on ESPN, Popovich not only often picks up the tab, he leaves generous tips of five figures, hands wads of cash to the kitchen […]