41 examples of Tom Brady’s extraordinary competitiveness

Tom Brady is one of the most competitive players in the NFL. During Brady’s 20 years in the league, there are legendary stories of his competitiveness, whether it’s his supreme self-confidence, desire to win, or hatred of losing. Brady also thrives off competition and relishes in hard work and preparation. During Tom Brady’s 20 years […]

Top athletes and their furry friends: the 62 best pets in the world of sports

There are few things humans collectively like more than pets, and superstar athletes are no exception. When the world’s most impressive sports stars are not training or competing, we often see them spending time with their furry friends. In this day and age, social media makes famous athletes more accessible than ever, and as a […]

Tom Brady is still dominating in his 40s thanks to a strict fitness and nutrition lifestyle he calls ‘The TB12 Method’

Tom Brady will be 43 years old when the 2020 season starts, his 21st in the NFL and first with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady has divulged his training and diet secrets in the form of his book, “The TB12 Method” and more. One of Brady’s core philosophies is pliability, in which he avoids traditional […]

While in-person sports are on hold due to the coronavirus, NASCAR and Formula One are taking competitions digital

As the coronavirus pandemic puts sports and most of the rest of the world on hold, racing divisions like NASCAR and Formula One are moving races online with some of their big-name drivers. The races are exhibition only and won’t count for anything, but will be broadcast both online and on television. It’s an example […]