Kansas Democrat drops out of House race after sexual harassment accusations and lashes out at Democratic Party on the way out

A Democratic congressional candidate, Andrea Ramsey, has dropped out of a Kansas race after sexual harassment allegations against her resurfaced. In the statement she made announcing her exit, Ramsey criticized the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s approach to handling sexual harassment allegations. Ramsey has denied the allegations made against her. Democratic congressional candidate Andrea Ramsey on […]

Marco Rubio reverses course and gives the GOP a jolt of momentum on their massive tax bill

Sen. Marco Rubio said Friday he would vote for the GOP tax bill, reversing course from his stance a day earlier. Rubio wanted the child tax credit to become more generous for low-income families. The Republican tax writers increased the amount of the credit that can be refunded, placating Rubio. Sen. Marco Rubio said Friday […]

Top Senate Judiciary Republican unloads on colleague over tweet about Russia probe

Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley upbraided Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse over a tweet Whitehouse sent earlier this month. The tweet implied that the Senate Judiciary’s probe of Russia’s election interference, which Grassley oversees, had been improperly influenced by President Donald Trump. The back-and-forth between Whitehouse and Grassley is the latest example of partisan infighting among the […]

Trump said an immigration program lets countries pick their ‘worst of the worst’ and ‘put ’em in a bin’ — that’s not what happens

President Donald Trump mischaracterized a popular US immigration program on Friday, accusing countries of sending “their worst people” and putting them “in a bin.” Trump was referring to the diversity visa lottery, which allots roughly 50,000 visas to eligible applicants from around the world each year. A suspected terrorist accused of killing eight people in […]