Christina Aguilera: ‘Entering this business, I hated being super skinny’

I haven’t thought about Christina Aguilera in a while, and I’m so pleased to see that she seems to be happy and healthy at the moment. She covers the latest issue of Health Magazine, and the photoshoot it lovely and flattering. Christina turned 40 years old last December, and her son Max is already 13 […]

Wird TikToks einminütiger Messy-Bun-Hack dem Hype gerecht?

Inzwischen hast du bestimmt mitbekommen, dass die Beauty-Hacks auf TikTok lebensverändernd sei können. Da gibt es den viralen fünfminütigen Gesichtslifting-Trick, mit dem du schlaffe Haut im Nu wieder in Topform bringst, den Styling-Tipp, dank dem du dir über Nacht mithilfe von Socken „Heatless Curls“ herzauberst, oder der Empfehlung, Selbstbräuner anstelle von Lip Liner zu verwenden. […]

Chris Brown’s birthday party, attended by hundreds of people, broken up by LAPD

I expect about five people to comment on this story, because our past stories about ridiculous pandemic parties have gotten little interest. I know that a lot of people are vaccinated now and that it’s not as much of a risk, but I’m still going to beat this drum. Chris Brown had his 32nd birthday […]

Kendall Jenner Reveals Frightening Health Problem: I Feel Like I’m Dying!

Over the course of their years in the spotlight, the members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan have faced just about every sort of crisis imaginable. We’ve seen Kim and company deal with death, divorce, and all manner of public humiliation. But until this week, the family was surprisingly quiet about the mental health toll of growing […]

Jinger Duggar: My Parents Lied! The Bible is Totally Cool with Pants!

It’s really a pretty terrible week to be Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. Most damaging and most disturbing of all, of course, was the arrest of Josh Duggar on two counts of child pornography. That may legitimately be the worst scandal in the history of celebrity gossip, considering it’s since come out that Duggar allegedly […]

There is ‘serious doubt’ as to whether Prince Harry will return to the UK in July

Before Prince Philip passed away, the British media was in full-blown hype mode for Prince William and Prince Harry’s possible reunion on July 1st in London, for this fakakta “statue unveiling” at Kensington Palace. Their mother’s birthday was July 1st, so that’s when they scheduled the statue-unveiling, for what would be Diana’s 60th birthday. Hugely […]

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme Dishes on New Marriage, Regrets about Usman Umar

Last month, 90 Day Fiance fans learned that Lisa Hamme has a new husband. The self-styled “Baby Girl” is still technically, on paper, married to Usman Umar. It’s a bit of a mess, but that is no surprise to fans. Lisa is now explaining exactly how all of this came to be. Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and her […]

Queen Elizabeth is now selling Sandringham-branded beer & new royal-branded gin

One of the dumbest criticisms lodged against the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was that they were trying to “monetize” royalty. I still say that they were merely trademarking “Sussex Royal” so that no one else would come along and monetize it against their wishes, much like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge trademarked their […]

Duchess Kate stepped out in Eponine to visit the National Portrait Gallery

I wondered if we would get anything else from the Duchess of Cambridge today, as Hold Still is now on sale. Hold Still is the coffee table book full of photos selected by Kate and a National Portrait Gallery committee. All of the photos are “portraits in a pandemic” and the images are genuinely moving. […]

Kim Kardashian claims she never purchased the stolen antiquity in the first place

We learned this week that Kim Kardashian was somewhat associated with a smuggled antiquity which is now being held by Customs. The antiquity is Fragment of Myron Samian Athena, a large fragment of a first-century sculpture which was likely smuggled out of Italy decades ago. The provenance of the piece is wack – it was […]