AB5 GUIDE: California’s new contractor bill is shaking up the gig economy. Here’s everything businesses and freelancers need to know about navigating the law.

California Assembly Bill 5 (AB5) requires company workers to be considered as employees. AB5, which went into effect on January 1, 2020, impacts how companies like Uber and Doordash manage workers who are currently recognized as contractors. The hirer must use an ABC test to prove that workers are independent contractors. Business Insider regularly covers […]

Sister Wives Recap: Mortgaging the Future! Literally!

You know what they say about Las Vegas, right? What happens in that city stays in that city. But here’s the problem with that adage and how it applied to Kody Brown and company on Sunday night’s brand new episode of Sister Wives: The homes this family purchased in Las Vegas were staying there… in […]

Derek Jeter Remembers Kobe Bryant as Family Man Who ‘Just Loved Being a Dad’

Derek Jeter is honoring his friend and fellow athlete Kobe Bryant. In an emotional piece written for the Players’ Tribune on Sunday, the soon-to-be Baseball Hall of Fame member opened up about his friendship with Bryant, emphasizing that the late basketball star was a family man first and foremost. “All I ever needed to know […]

Thomas Markle gave another toxic, threatening, asinine interview to Piers Morgan

Today’s tedious and pathetic display in the Sussexit saga was Piers Morgan interviewing Thomas Markle – via satellite link – for Good Morning Britain. Quick question for British peeps… is there any backlash towards GMB’s producers or parent company for Piers Morgan’s behavior, his open racism, his appalling sexism and generally trollish behavior? It’s shocking […]