Dane Cook, Patton Oswalt and More Lead Celebrity Tributes to Jerry Lewis: ‘One of the Greatest of All Time’

The world is reeling after news of Jerry Lewis’ death. Stars like Josh Gad, George Takei, Dane Cook and more have penned moving tributes to the late comedian just moments after news of Lewis’ death broke. Cook remembered his fellow comedian in a series of tweets, calling Lewis his “mentor and friend.” “A visionary. A […]

Britney Spears Sings ‘Something To Talk About’ Live in Response to Critics Slamming Her for Lip-Syncing

Britney Spears strayed from her usual set list and gave her critics “something to talk about.” The 35-year-old singer, decked out in a racy black ensemble, surprised the audience at her Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas on Saturday with a live rendition of Bonnie Raitt’s 1991 hit “Something to Talk About.” Before she […]

Jerry Lewis Before His Death: ‘I Have a Lot to Do and Not a Lot of Time Left’

In what would be his final interview with PEOPLE, Jerry Lewis opened up about his life, his art and what he still had left to accomplish. Last September, Lewis said, “You don’t think of your age when you’re working and doing what you love, but in reality I’m running out of time, so I have […]

Gwen Stefani: Using Alternative Medicine to Get Pregnant at 47?!

You know what they say: another day, another story about how Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton want nothing more in the whole entire universe than to have a baby together! Seriously, it’s like every time you turn around there’s another rumor about Gwen and Blake and their family planning. It’s honestly a little overwhelming. Just […]