Ben Affleck drops out of Netflix film ‘to focus on his wellness & his family’

Whenever someone high profile leaves a job and needs to make an announcement about it, the usual explanation involves spending more time with family and/or focusing on their health. So it’s not surprising that Ben Affleck used both of those reasons to explain his exit from the Netflix thriller Triple Frontier, directed by J.C. Chandon […]

EXCLUSIVE: Love Island’s Marcel Somerville not set for Blazin’ Squad reunion – as chart-topping band NEVER split in the first place

Gabby Allen’s boyfriend thrilled his fellow contestants Kem Cetinay and Chris Hughes when he revealed his pop star secret to them on the show. Therefore fans were ecstatic when it was revealed that his band, Blazin’ Squad, are set to reunite and record new music. However, a source told OK! Online that there won’t be […]

How a Quick-Thinking Construction Worker Helped Rescue a 1-Year-Old Hours After He Was Abducted

California construction worker Colin Blevin says he almost called in sick on the morning he ended up helping save a missing baby from the child’s accused abductor. “My hip was hurting real bad,” Blevin tells PEOPLE. “But I needed to get work done.” So to work he went on Monday — where, according to him […]

Senator John McCain, 80, has been diagnosed with brain cancer glioblastoma

Embed from Getty Images John McCain has been getting a lot of press coverage the past few months, for both good and bad reasons. He’s played a role in two of the most fascinating and disturbing congressional hearings this year, and both times, McCain has come across as… bewildered. Like, he didn’t exactly know where […]