World trade is set to post its first annual contraction since the financial crisis

World trade was poised to post its first annual decline since the financial crisis at the end of 2019, according to a closely watched gauge of activity. The results offered the latest evidence that a tit-for-tat tariff dispute between the US and China has rippled through broader supply chains. Businesses and market watchers don’t expect […]

4 things to know about getting divorced, according to a financial planner

Divorce can be a big wealth destroyer, and a financial planner says there are four important things to know if you’re considering one. For one thing, it will be expensive: Your retirement savings will probably take a hit, and you’ll probably need to downsize to afford your new lifestyle. Also, a prenuptial agreement can help […]

Starbucks shares plunge after company shutters China locations near coronavirus outbreak

Shares plunged in early trading after Starbucks announced coronavirus concerns have led the company to shut down operations in China’s Hubei province during the Lunar New Year. Fast-spreading coronavirus has already infected 2,700 and killed 80, spreading across the Asian continent and globally. Starbucks has been expanding its China operations, with the company reporting a […]

Airlines, hotels, and cruise lines sink as China’s spreading coronavirus spurs travel anxiety

Shares of airlines, hotels, and cruise lines all traded lower Monday as China’s coronavirus spreads. So far, the virus has killed 80 and infected more than 2,700 worldwide. Global stocks and oil also slipped as the virus continues to infect more people. Safe-haven gold rose. Here’s how much 18 travel stocks are down in early […]