9 business books picked by founders, CEOs, and industry leaders for people who don’t want to go back to school to get an MBA

The benefits to getting an MBA are networking and prestige, but the skills you need to be a business leader can also be learned from reading insights from top executives. These nine books, recommended by successful entrepreneurs, can teach you the right mindset, strategies, and starting points to becoming the next CEO or company founder. […]

The CEO of Slack explains how market downturns will make it both easier and harder to hire the top talent it needs: ‘It’s going to take us a while to figure out what that new reality is like’ (WORK, MSFT)

Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield told Business Insider that the coronavirus pandemic and the new, work-from-home reality is forcing a lot of companies to accelerate their digital transformation plans. Slack has experienced a huge influx of new customers and that’s creating novel hiring challenges for the company, Butterfield said. It’s clear that engineering talent is needed […]

4 startups that have collectively raised $300 million explain how the coronavirus is a ‘watershed moment’ for instant paycheck cashouts

Demand for same-day pay has gone up amid the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to record jobless claims in the US. In recent years, startups like DailyPay and Earnin have cropped up offering earned wage access, which is the ability for workers to draw on their earned pay between paychecks. While these startups are seeing […]

Leaked memo from Delta reveals plans to cut worker hours and pay, despite protections in the coronavirus stimulus package. United and other airlines are doing the same. (DAL, AAL, UAL, LUV)

Despite the payroll grants offered to airlines in the coronavirus stimulus package, airline workers at Delta, American, United, Southwest, and others will, in practice, take home less money than they had before. While the CARES Act says that airlines accepting aid cannot reduce workforces before September 30, 2020, a reduction of travel demand and flying […]