JPMorgan says Trump’s trade war is ‘dimming the prospects for large scale M&A’ (JPM)

JPMorgan’s Global Co-head of M&A: “A prolonged trade war will, of course, mean large cross-border deals are more difficult and harder to get across the line.” “We’re already seeing signs that geopolitical risks, including trade tensions, are dimming the prospects for large-scale M&A going into next year.” Global M&A activity has been buoyant so far […]

Wealthy venture capitalist and political activist Nick Hanauer says there have been 3 fundamental failures of capitalism over the past 40 years

Nick Hanauer is a wealthy, Seattle-based venture capitalist and progressive political activist. He successfully lobbied for a raise in Seattle’s minimum wage, and has been outspoken about raising it throughout the country. He believes that there are three foundational mistakes in the way capitalism has been practiced in the US for the past 40 years. […]

Israel’s tech scene is growing so fast the country is called the ‘Startup Nation,’ but a local venture capitalist says it’s in danger of losing its entrepreneurial edge

Israel is often called the “Startup Nation” due to the sheer number of entrepreneurs and tech companies in the country of 9 million people. Itzik Frid, a longtime Israeli tech entrepreneur and the CEO of a startup incubator focused on Arab-led startups, believes that the country will lose its edge if it can’t better integrate […]

The CEO of $4 billion McAfee explains how to know when to cut your losses on a project and change course

When Chris Young became CEO of one of the computer security industry’s most venerable brands, McAfee, he was immediately faced with a difficult decision. He made a choice to kill an important project that ticked off a lot of people at his company. How he made that difficult decision is a lesson that anyone can […]