The 22 American cities with the most million-dollar homes

Million-dollar homes are most likely to be found on the East or West coasts of America. LendingTree collected real estate data from more than 155 million properties across the United States to calculate which cities have the highest concentration of homes worth $1 million and up. Four cities in California have more than 10% of […]

An Amazon Prime annual membership is $119 — here’s how to decide if it’s worth the cost

Amazon Prime has over 100 million members globally, according to Jeff Bezos. In April, Amazon increased the price of its Amazon Prime membership to $119. Paying for a membership allows you to shop online quickly with free delivery. Whether Amazon Prime is worth it depends on how you weigh the pros and cons. Amazon Prime […]

Morgan Stanley says a dreaded recession indicator is coming within the next year and has a game plan to help investors get ready

A team of strategists at Morgan Stanley forecasts the yield curve will invert by mid-2019. They see the Federal Reserve announcing plans to end its balance-sheet contraction sooner than investors expect, which should support Treasurys and push longer-dated bond yields below shorter-dated ones. They recommended investors overweight Treasurys. A yield curve inversion has preceded every […]

Retirement fund managers have made a huge mistake assuming 7% is an average return because 600 million workers are about to disappear from the global economy

For decades, retirement fund managers have assumed an expected return on stocks and bonds of about 7% per year. That’s a mistake, according Bernstein Research, because returns are about to decline to 4% over the long run. That means individuals will have to more than double what they save every month for retirement, from 5% […]