The stock market is doing something not seen since the financial crisis — and it means huge opportunities ahead

The stock market is behaving in a way not seen since 2009, when the US was still clawing its way back from the financial crisis. Bank of America Merrill Lynch sees this creating big opportunities for one group of investors. A common fallacy of the stock market is that once valuations get stretched, chances to […]

2 veteran United flight attendants won $800,000 in a lawsuit after a supervisor made an absurd claim about iPads (UAL)

Two United Airlines flight attendants sued the airline after they were fired in September 2013. They’ve been awarded $800,000 in damages, and their attorney thinks that number could rise. He claimed that during the trial, a United supervisor said lighting a fire in an airplane bathroom was as bad as one of the reasons Lee […]

Moving in with my significant other was challenging — here are 11 things I wish I had known

More couples than ever are cohabitating before getting married. If you’re already spending a lot of time with your partner, it might not feel like a big deal to take the next step. I moved in with my partner and wish I had known what to expect and how to navigate the transition. When you’re […]