Coronavirus lockdowns are working, according to data from digital thermometer app

Three-quarters of Americans have been urged or ordered to stay at home, to the extent possible, to stop the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and those measures appear to be working, The New York Times reports, citing data from internet-connected thermometer company Kinsa. The thermometers and their app upload temperature readings to a centralized database, […]

Whole Foods employees across the US plan on calling in sick on Tuesday to demand paid leave for workers as the coronavirus spreads, and they’re joining the ranks of ‘essential’ workers going on strike

Whole Foods store clerks will go on strike Tuesday to demand better working conditions during the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, Vice reported. As states order many Americans to stay home to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus, low-wage grocery store clerks and delivery drivers deemed “essential to infrastructure” must still go into work. As a […]

How to enable waiting rooms in Zoom to prevent ‘Zoom bombing’ (ZM)

As the coronavirus closes schools and workplaces, people are increasingly turning to Zoom video calls. Some public Zoom calls have dealt with trolls joining and sharing graphic images, and online classes have faced people hijacking a meeting, called “Zoom bombing.” Zoom has a setting called waiting room that lets an administrator screen people before allowing […]

Healthcare professionals around the world are sharing photos of their exhausted faces, sometimes bruised from masks, after harrowing shifts treating coronavirus patients. They all have the same message: Stay home.

Doctors and nurses all around the world are fighting on the frontlines of COVID-19 as the coronavirus continues to spread globally. They are taking photos of their faces after long, exhausting shifts of testing and treating potential COVID-19 patients, and some of the photos show bruising from wearing a face mask all day long. All […]