China is getting Trumpy

Your opinion of President Trump’s economic agenda is probably linked to your opinion of China. Trump rails against Chinese manufacturing for stealing U.S. jobs. In retaliation, he’s used tariffs to cut down on the goods Americans import from China — and, by extension, bulk up the “Made in America” goods they buy. Meanwhile, Trump’s critics […]

Is the U.S. economy out of the woods?

“There was plenty to like about the November jobs report,” said Justin Lahart at The Wall Street Journal. The Labor Department reported last week that the U.S. economy added 266,000 jobs last month, the most since January, while the unemployment rate slipped to 3.5 percent, matching a 50-year low. “The report puts to rest any […]

No rest for white-collar workers

Here are three of the week’s top pieces of financial insight, gathered from around the web: No rest for white-collar workers Educated Americans are working longer and longer hours, said Derek Thompson at ­The​­ Atlantic — and the always-on internet is to blame. “Computing has shifted much of the economy from manufacturing to ‘neuro­facturing,’” or […]

Supreme Court will hear another subpoena challenge from Trump

President Trump now has three chances to keep his financial records a secret. The Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear Trump’s appeal of three cases that involve subpoenas for his financial records, giving no explanation for the decision. Oral arguments for the separate cases are likely slated for March, with a decision expected at the […]