3 things you should know if you’re thinking of a starting a business right now, according to a business coach

Summary List Placement “I resigned from my job today and, although I’m mildly terrified, I know it’s going to lead to even better things. I’m going all in on my business.” That’s what one of my coaching clients sent me a few months ago in the midst of a full-blown pandemic. It’s a trend I’ve […]

INSTAGRAM WORKOUTS: How 15 top fitness entrepreneurs are converting thousands of followers into customers on social media

Summary List Placement Gone are the days of packed spin and Zumba classes. If you’re not pedaling six-feet-apart from your gym partner, you’re probably logging into an online yoga class in your living room.  The fitness industry has transformed at warp speed and many gyms, those that are still open, are just catching up. About […]

As Coinbase mulls a public offering, those who worked with its controversial CEO Brian Armstrong detail his communication quirks that led to an employee exodus

Summary List Placement On a weekend in 2014, Tracy Chou was working out of her favorite coffee shop in San Francisco’s Mission District. The star Pinterest engineer had agreed to meet with Brian Armstrong, the founder of a fast-growing digital-currency startup called Coinbase. Armstrong hoped Chou might become his new director of engineering.  Instead of […]

HOW TO START A NEWSLETTER: Everything you need to know about building an audience and making money off your writing

Summary List Placement Newsletters, one of the oldest methods of communication on the internet, have enjoyed a resurgent popularity in the last several months, spurred on by a variety of technological and business factors.  For one, the media landscape continues to shift, as publishers and tech platforms compete against each other for revenue and reader […]

MANHATTAN APARTMENTS: How lower rents and higher vacancies could be the new normal after the pandemic

Summary List Placement More than six months into the coronavirus pandemic, Manhattan’s rental apartment market isn’t just struggling, it’s historically bad.  The borough’s median rent just fell below the $3,000 mark to its lowest point in nine years, per a report by StreetEasy, after 44.7% of its rentals were discounted in the third quarter. In […]

The founder making home coronavirus tests manages her work day with a 2-minute email rule and open time for ‘serendipity’ while scaling a company and parenting a 14-month-old

Summary List Placement In early March, just as the coronavirus pandemic reached the US, Julia Cheek saw a unique opportunity for her at-home health testing startup Everlywell.  Cheek and her team worked rapidly to create a Covid test while simultaneously coordinating with the US government to get the necessary approval for consumer distribution. By May […]

The 16 unexpected books CEOs and execs are reading in 2020, such as ‘The Art of War’

Summary List Placement The bookshelves of CEOs and C-suite executives don’t just contain tomes about people management or tips for business growth. According to online library Perlego, popular books also include surprising titles that might expand a reader’s horizons — such as classic military philosophy to nutrition and human sexuality. Perlego tracks readers’ job titles, […]

After months of declines, the San Francisco condo market shot up in September. Buyers may want to act soon because ‘this market doesn’t go on sale very often.’

Summary List Placement Last month yielded positive news for San Francisco’s condo market, per a report by San Francisco-based real-estate group Polaris Pacific. Total transaction value was up 24.9% year-over-year in September, following steep value declines throughout the second quarter. In addition, condo closings were also up 34.2%. “In San Francisco, single-family homes were moving […]

How a 21-year-old CEO landed $3.5 million for software that he originally built to help his mom’s struggling dog grooming business keep repeat customers

Summary List Placement Profitboss CEO Adam Guild has boundless energy. The 21-year-old founder can speak several paragraphs worth of information in a minute. That animated style and depth of knowledge is one reason venture capitalists decided to invest in his startup, which he founded at 18. The company recently wrapped up a $3.5 million seed […]

I’m a freelance travel journalist. Here’s how I take time off — even during a pandemic — without falling behind or losing crucial business.

Summary List Placement Salaried workers have it good in many ways.  Their benefits often include partially-funded healthcare coverage, 401K matching programs, paid sick days, and even paid time off for bank holidays and vacation. Many people even negotiate their vacation days before accepting an offer for a new role.  Freelancers get none of these perks. […]