‘Enthusiasm has slowed’ for creating national cryptocurrencies: ‘The unknown risks are potentially large’

Central banks around the world have been looking at how they might introduce or use national cryptocurrencies. Thomas Moser, an alternate member of the Swiss National Bank’s governing board, told Business Insider that central banks have become “sceptical” of introducing national digital currencies after initial interest. Moser says bankers are wary of the new economic […]

The founder of notorious failed startup Clinkle is reportedly coming back with a blockchain project

Lucas Duplan, the founder of infamous failed startup Clinkle, is involved in a blockchain company. According to a new report from Wired, the entrepreneur invested in and is linked to Universal Recognition Token. His old startup, Clinkle, raised tens of millions from investors before totally imploding in what’s now considered a Silicon Valley cautionary tale. […]

The Brexit vote has already wiped £440 million a week from Britain’s economy

Britain’s economy is 2.1% smaller than if it had voted to stay in the EU, according to new research. Higher levels of borrowing as a result of foregone growth mean the UK government is having to borrow an additional £23 billion a year. That means Brexit is already costing the Treasury £440 million a week. […]

The EPA is celebrating its response to Hurricane Maria with a commemorative coin

Residents in Puerto Rico were left without power for months after Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico, and experts estimate that around 4,640 people died. But the Environmental Protection Agency thinks it did an A-plus job responding to the disaster. The EPA is creating “challenge coins” to congratulate itself on its “response excellence,” CNN reported Friday. […]