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Here’s why you should always open your car door with your right hand

If you live in a city, every commute could be a “best-of” reel of dangerous driving. Car doors, in particular, have become an excellent teaching aid in proving Newton’s law that no two objects can occupy the same space simultaneously. Bikers, often sandwiched in a bike lane between parked cars and flowing traffic, are so […]

My Husband & I Make $1.25 Million — & Everyone Thinks I Should Be Happy All The Time

It’s been almost a year since we first ran a Money Diary from a woman in L.A. who is one-half of a couple earning $1.25 million a year. Her diary was so popular that we did a follow-up interview a month later, where she candidly talked about how she negotiated her way to such a […]

The 15 most ridiculously romantic honeymoon destinations in the world

Hooray! You’re married. Now comes the trip where you celebrate your pact to experience the world together. (That was in your vows, right?) But where to endeavor for maximum amour? We polled friends near and far for the most romantic destination they’ve ever visited. Ready, set, trip of a lifetime. … …read more Source:: AOL.com […]

Browns hosting former Cowboys star Dez Bryant

CLEVELAND — Dez Bryant has stopped in to meet the Browns. The three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver arrived at the team’s headquarters on Thursday, and the free agent’s visit could lead to Bryant signing with Cleveland. Bryant posted a photo on Twitter signing autographs at Cleveland’s airport. The 29-year-old was released by Dallas after eight […]