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Serena Williams calls Duchess Meghan’s wedding ‘such a monumental moment’

I guess Serena Williams isn’t going to play any Asian tournaments, which disappoints me. I know she wants to concentrate on the Slams, but I was sort of hoping that she would play a couple of the bigger tournaments this fall, especially the big one in Beijing. Alas, I think Serena shut down her season […]

Audrey Roloff Reveals Anniversary Plans in Wake of Marriage Rumors

Former Little People, Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have shared their next career move, but they’re not all business. Right after Jeremy admitted that their marriage has been “tough” in recent months, Audrey has taken to social media to gush about their anniversary trip. And yes, there are photos of these two lovebirds […]

Tiger Woods, 42, wins first tournament in five years after multiple surgeries

Embed from Getty Images The Tiger Woods scandal remains the most fascinating celebrity/sports story I’ve covered to date. The fact that so many women came forward on the record, over a dozen, and that his wife stayed so quiet and seemingly above it all just amazed me. Since then he’s had a DUI, he’s had […]

How To Deal If You’re Always Worried People Will Find Out You’re A Failure At Life

It may not be diagnosable, but imposter syndrome is very real. Valerie Young, PhD, author of The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women, describes it as “a secret belief that deep down we’re not as bright, capable, competent or talented as other people seem to think we are, and therefore have this fear of being found […]