President Joe Biden is a busy man. 

But he managed to sneak in his NCAA tournament brackets on Thursday — just a few minutes after the opening men’s game between Maryland and West Virginia tipped off. In doing so, he kept up with presidential tradition most notably maintained by former President and noted basketball fan Barack Obama.

So who does Biden like? He picked No. 2 seed Arizona to beat No. 1 seed Kansas for the national championship. Sadly for Biden, he lost his national champion on Day 1. No. 15 Princeton seed stunned No. 2 Arizona, 59-55 on Thursday in one of the biggest upsets in NCAA tournament history

Biden also included No. 2 Marquette and No. 2 Texas in a fairly chalky Final Four. Like a lot of brackets, Biden picked a No. 12 seed to advance to the second round with Charleston advancing past San Diego State in the South region. 

Good luck to every team in this year’s NCAA tournament.

I’ve got Arizona in the men’s tournament and Villanova in the women’s – and as you know, in this household, Villanova always wins.

— President Biden (@POTUS) March 16, 2023

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