By Richard Cowan 

  WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A few Democrats in the U.S. Congress have begun to voice what many have mulled privately: whether President Joe Biden, the oldest person to ever occupy the Oval Office, ought to choose retirement over re-election in 2024. 

  With his approval rating at 38% – and having held below 50% since May – the 79-year-old Biden has been damaged by bruising inflation and voter worries that he will not be able to meet the demands of the presidency in 2025. Last November, the White House said Biden plans to run again in 2024. 

  A pair of Democratic U.S. representatives from Minnesota have articulated the message clearly. 

  “The country would be well served by a new generation of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats to step up,” Democratic Representative Dean Phillips said in an interview last week with WCCO radio in Minneapolis. 

  Phillips lauded Biden’s decency and service, but added it is time for generational change. 

  Democratic Representative Angie Craig, who unlike Phillips faces a tough re-election on Nov. 8, on Tuesday said she is “in lock step and alignment” with Phillips, according to the Minnesota Post. 

  She may have been trying to better position herself with independent voters, according to …read more



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