The Liberty County, Georgia, sheriff defended deputies that stopped the Delaware State University women’s lacrosse team bus last month.

But body camera footage released from that stop completely contradicts the claims that Sheriff William Bowman made.

The Delaware State women’s lacrosse team was stopped on April 20 while traveling north on I-95 in Georgia after a road game against Stetson University in Florida. The bus driver for the HBCU team said he was told he was pulled over in Liberty County — which is located just south of Savannah along the coast — due to a traffic violation for driving improperly in the left lane.

Bowman addressed the issue on Tuesday afternoon, and said that “no personal items on the bus or persons were searched.” That, based on both body camera footage and footage from a DSU player, is completely false.

A Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputy announced on the bus that deputies were going to search players’ luggage and wanted players to tell them ahead of time if they had any marijuana. The deputies involved were white, and the majority of players on the bus were black.

“We’re gonna check ya’ll’s luggage,” the deputy said in a video posted by a player. …read more



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