Ye at a Fight

Well, we think it’s safe to say everyone saw this coming.

Yes, from the moment the world learned that Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are dating, we’ve all been anticipating the inevitable Kanye West tantrum.

At first, Kanye devoted his attention to winning Kim back, but he was pretty much the only person on the planet who thought he had any chance of success on that front.

When West started dating Julia Fox, we briefly thought that he might have moved on from his petty past and that for once in his life, he would take the high road and put someone else’s happiness ahead of his own.

How wrong we were!

Kanye recently collaborated on a new track with rapper The Game, and according to leaked snippets from the recording session, Pete is still at the forefront of Yeezy’s mind.

“God saved me from that crash, just so I could beat Pete Davidson’s ass,” Kanye raps, presumably referring to the car crash that nearly claimed his life before his rap career took off.

As for the part about Pete — well, there’s not much room for misinterpretation there.

It seems that Kanye feels that it’s his mission in life to kick the crap out …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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