Amy Duggar: A Photo

Amy Duggar has long been considered the most rebellious member of her famous family.

Of course, in a family as warped and twisted as the Duggars “rebellious” actually just means normal.

Amy’s sort of like that one girl on The Munsters who was considered the oddball because she wasn’t some sort of grotesque monster like the rest of the household.

There was a time when a legion of Duggar fans sided with Jim Bob and viewed Amy as a threat to the family’s wholesome lifestyle.

These days, however, the tables have turned and the world is finally beginning to see Jim Bob for what he’s always been.

So when Amy posts a throwback pic from a time when fans thought the Duggar dress code was perfectly healthy and she was the weird one — well, it’s doubly meaningful.

You may have noticed that the 10-year challenge is making another appearance on social media these days.

This is the thing where people post recent photos of themselves now next to one from a decade ago with the goal of highlighting how little they’ve aged.

The exercise would probably be more meaningful if it didn’t resurface every six months, but complaining about the pointlessness of social media trends is …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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