Nicholas Fano, 12, of Palm City, Florida is part of a family that loves fishing. Whether they are trolling blue water for sailfish and mahi mahi or plug-casting the shallows for trout and redfish, the Fano clan has produced many memories on the waters of South Florida.

However, one recent catch by the Hidden Oaks Middle School seventh grader stands out above the rest. That’s because a jack crevalle Fano caught Oct. 30 was awarded not one, but two, fishing world records recognized by the International Game Fish Association.

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Fano and friend Brady Hyre, 13, decided to fish on a lazy, warm Saturday afternoon in late October. They went to the small dock across the street from Fano’s house on Bessey Creek in Palm City and cast-netted a handful of small mullet.

Fano said it had been slow earlier that morning when he was fishing, so he didn’t really have any expectations whatsoever.

“I just threw a bait out to see what would happen. When the fish hit, it started taking out the line, but slowly at first,” Fano explained. Soon, it became apparent, he was hooked into something really big.

Fano’s older brother, Anthony, 16, was sitting on the porch …read more



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