Aryanna and Sherlon for Love In Paradise: The Caribbean, A 90 Day Story

This summer, we saw the series premiere of Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, one of the latest 90 Day Fiance spinoffs.

The first season introduced viewers to four new couples.

Aryanna and Sherlon, Mark and Key, Steven and Martine, and Amber and Daniel each had their stories to tell.

But which of these couples are still together?

Sherlon works as a boat tour guide in Jamaica.

Aryanna is an American from Illinois.

They met in Jamaica and hit things off right away … almost too well.

It was only weeks after the two met that Aryanna, now back home, realized that she was pregnant.

Her loved ones had a lot of questions about Sherlon and his intentions.

Part of her purpose in returning to Jamaica was to let them meet him.

It was clear from the start that the two came from different worlds.

While Aryanna was overwhelmed by how sexy and desirable he made her feel, having a child was a dose of reality.

Aryanna and Sherlon welcomed baby Odin, and her stated intention was to convince him to move to America to live with her.

Are Aryanna and Sherlon still together?

All evidence points to them remaining in a relationship with each other, but over long distance.

They …read more

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