Jah proposes to winter again on the family chantel

Earlier this year, the trailer for The Family Chantel Season 3 promised a lot of drama.

It also promised some genuinely sweet moments for the family, despite their penchant for conflict and theatrics.

Winter and Jah have had major ups and downs, including Jah ruffling feathers with the titular family.

This week, Jah proposed to Winter a second time. It went much better than his first attempt.

On Monday night’s new episode, Jah took Winter Everett on an escape room date.

This kind of thing can make or break a relationship or even a friendship, depending upon how well people work together.

In his voiceover via the confessional camera, Jah made it very clear that he knows this.

“Being in an escape room, you know, two people trapped together,” Jah began.

“Two people that love each other trapped together,” he added.

“And,” Jah continued, “just trying to come out of it, I just think teamwork is what’s needed in everybody’s relationship and communication is key.”

“Proposing to Winter, last time it didn’t work,” Jay acknowledged.

He expressed: “this time I pray that everything works out perfectly as planned.”

An escape room can be a crucible for a relationship. With a proposal, the stakes are even higher.

For a while, Jah and Winter …read more

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