Sumit and Jenny Together

Earlier this year, 90 Day Fiance fans were alarmed when Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh tested postiive for COVID-19.

Though they both survived their miserable bouts with the deadly virus, their future remained uncertain.

There has been a ticking clock on Jenny remaining in India, and time could run out at any time.

Now, fans are abuzz after spotting photos of Sumit all dressed up. Did he leave Jenny? Did he remarry?

With hard-fought permission from his parents, Sumit Singh divorced his wife.

He had married her under immense family and social pressure without telling Jenny of the marriage.

In his heart, Sumit remained married to Jenny, who was shocked when she learned the truth.

But Sumit’s parents drew the line at giving Sumit their blessing to marry Jenny.

Sadly, this is no mere formality.

For both cultural and personal reasons, Sumit doesn’t see a way around his parents’ opposition.

Even though he and Jenny found a way to marry without his family’s objection carrying legal weight, they’re stuck.

First, because sadly, Sumit is not prepared to simply go no-contact with the people who are holding him back.

Second, because his mother, Sahna, very explicitly threatened to kill herself if Sumit marries Jenny.

Grimly, it doesn’t appear …read more

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