Meri Brown with Hubby

Meri Brown is, at last, outta there.

According to a bunch of hopeful people on the Internet, that is.

For many months now, speculation has run rampant that Meri may finally be ready to leave her emotionally abusve husband, Kody.

This, despite Meri herself stating on more than one occasion that she’ll never do so.

Why would Brown say this (over and over and over again) if it weren’t true?

There actually is a reasonable answer:

Because her livelihood depends on it.

Meri needs to appear totally committed to Kody in order to remain a cast member on Sister Wives, which is still the main way in which she earns a living.

While she’s saying this for public consumption, however, many observers believe Meri is making moves in private that prove she either plans to dump Kody…

… or has already done so.

CLUE #1: Meri is spending a lot of time these days in Utah.

She’s seemingly doing so for business purposes, yes, as Meri announced a few days ago that she was reopening her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

“It takes a village!” Meri wrote on Instagram on June 1, giving thanks to alll who have helped this operation, adding:

“As much as I want to be …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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