Queen Elizabeth II places flowers at the grave of the Unknown Warrior in London

If the royal commentators had just said that “in their opinion,” it was somehow, inexplicably rude that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex named their baby Lilibet, I don’t think there would have been a legal issue. It would have been contemptible, no doubt. It would have been bizarrely nasty to attack a couple who just welcomed their daughter into the world. But the Sussexes would not have gotten their lawyers involved if it was just Angela Levin breathing fire on British morning shows about how Harry “disrespected the Queen.” The Sussexes would have just continued to do what they were already doing: telling Omid Scobie and People Magazine that they spoke to the Queen about Lilibet Diana’s name, and that Harry video-conferenced with his granny when they brought the baby home. It would have been simple.

But that’s not what happened. People were really salty inside Buckingham Palace and, I would assume, Clarence House. My theory is still that the Queen did speak to Harry and that they speak quite often, and that the Queen rarely tells her aides and courtiers about it. And because everything about the British monarchy is …read more

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