Ashley Graham is hairy and unbothered.

The 33-year-old model recently shared a video to TikTok reacting to stories written about her unapologetically flaunting her body hair. She laughed as pictures of the headlines flashed behind her. In one scene she lifted up her arm and exposed some of her armpit hair.

“You’ll never get a razor partnership with hairy armpits,” she sarcastically captioned the video (Graham was recently announced as the face of Flamingo, a razors and waxing company).

Graham has been open about her body hair journey as of late. 

“Day one of me not shaving my legs because I don’t want to,” she declared in a video posted to TikTok. “Day three of not shaving my legs because a little stubble never hurt nobody. Day four and I still don’t feel like shaving my legs or my pits if you can imagine. Day 11 of not shaving my legs because I don’t want to and I’m still hot.”

After zooming into her leg hair, she then held up a razor and said, “and now I’m shaving because I wanted to because it’s my body because I get to chose if I want hair, if I don’t want hair just like you.”

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