“The Jimmy Carter Library just released this photo of the Bidens visiting the Carters last week,” and “it looks like a second-grader made a presidential diorama,” Jimmy Fallon said on Tuesday’s Tonight Show, filmed before an audience of teachers for Teacher Appreciation Day. “I learned two things from the photo: the the two families are very close, and Biden is the size of Jason Momoa.” He shared a second photo of Biden and Carter, this one inspired by The Lion King.

Fallon also touched on the Bill and Melinda Gates divorce news: “You know Melinda Gates is thinking, ‘Finally, I can use a MacBook!’ I think they both deserve their privacy, but if ABC wants to make Bill the next Bachelor, I’m all in.”

Bill and Melinda Gates “have a combined estimated worth of at least $134 billion,” Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. “When you’re that rich, why do you even need to get divorced? Can’t they just live in separate wings?” He poked fun at “Old Bazooka Joe” Biden for mangling the URL of vaccines.gov, calling it dot-gum, and he celebrated May the 4th by trotting out a Star Wars Day-Cinco de Mayo …read more

Source:: The Week – Lifestyle


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