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Asana is a customizable workplace content management system (CMS) which is designed to help a wide range of companies achieve their organizational needs. More plainly, it’s an advanced organizational tool to help streamline projects.

Asana is made so that workplaces of any size can analyze their progress and address issues all in one place, eliminating the need for constant meetings, email updates, and memos.

What to know about Asana

Asana has a wide range of features available to help companies and the teams within them find a system to get things done as efficiently as possible. These features include:

Project and task management

Asana’s main feature is its project and task management tools. You can create lists or boards to host certain projects as a whole — these will detail all the initiatives, meetings, and programs involved in said projects.

From there, you can break these projects into tasks and subtasks to make them more manageable, and list the steps to complete them. You can also: 

Give tasks to specific people so everyone knows who is working on what
Group tasks into sections or columns to keep them organized
Assign start dates and due dates, which can also include timed deadlines
Create reusable templates to …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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