President Donald J. Trump presents the Presidential Medal of Freedom to golfer Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods was in a terrible car accident back in February. He was driving himself, with no one else in the SUV, and he crashed into a tree. He had to be airlifted to emergency care, and his body got pretty mangled in the crash. It’s likely that Tiger will need months, if not years, of physical rehab. The LA County Sheriff’s Office opened an investigation into the crash, because there were significant questions about the crash and because Tiger is a VIP. As it turns out, shock of shocks, the investigation wasn’t actually that thorough. The Sheriff’s Dept didn’t even do blood work to determine if Tiger was on medication or under the influence in any way. They did determine that he was speeding: he was doing 87 MPH in a 45 MPH zone. He’s not going to be charged with that though. Weird.

Tiger Woods has released a statement following the conclusion of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office investigation into his February car crash — but the pro golfer didn’t mention that he was found to have been speeding nearly 40 miles over the speed limit at …read more

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