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Historically, the federal judiciary has been an unrepresentative institution. President Donald Trump’s appointments made it worse.

In just four years, Trump placed 234 judges with lifetime tenure to the federal courts, making up 28% of the current federal judiciary. An overwhelming number — 192 — of Trump’s active appointments are white, while only 37 of them are people of color.

The figure represents a startling contrast from efforts pursued by former President Barack Obama to pick candidates with diverse backgrounds for the federal bench. Two-hundred current federal judges appointed by Obama are white, and 115 are people of color.

Insider compiled a database of every active judge under Article III of the Constitution, which includes Supreme Court justices, federal appeals and district judges, as well as justices on the US Court of International Trade. Once nominated by the president and confirmed by the Senate, Article III judges are granted a position for life, and can serve on the court for decades after their nominating-president leaves office.

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Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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