Kendra Wilkinson, Happy Selfie

Kendra Wilkinson has found a lot of forgiveness for people she never thought she’d let go.

It has been more than two years since her divorce. She has had time to process.

Kendra has also clearly done a lot of growing, on a personal level.

So when Holly Madison tried to reignite their age-old feud, Kendra had a stunning response.

“I’m not trying to slut-shame anybody or anything,” a Holly Madison quote begins.

“But,” the quote continues, “nobody ever got asked to move in unless they had slept with him.”

When E! News shared this quote on Instagram, Kendra Wilkinson could not resist replying.

Kendry left a very public comment from her own Instagram account.

“Dude … it’s 2021,” she pointed out.

In other words, it’s been way too many years to get into this again.

Naturally, there were literally hundreds of replies (and yes, I went through all of them).

Kendra acknowledged that she’s commenting now and has feuded with Holly in the past, but …

“But times have changed,” Kendra wrote. 

“I forgive,” Kendra noted.

“And have kids to love and focus on,” she expressed.

Kendra is a mother of two who loves her children very much.

“How am I hating?” Kendra asked in response to another comment.

“She’s [the] …read more

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