Keke Palmer has really been owning her power of late. In December Keke was lauded for her vulnerability in a makeup tutorial Instagram video. She showed the acne she suffers due to the gynecological disorder PCOS. In the video, Keke used several layers of makeup to cover her acne scars. It would seem that being true to herself is garnering Keke a few rewards. She has been tapped for an unnamed Jordan Peele project and she just completed filming Alice, a story about an antebellum enslaved African who escapes the plantation. In a new profile for Instyle magazine, Keke talked about how she has freed herself from always trying to be perfect. Keke said that she was inspired to stop hiding herself after filming Alice last year. Keke also stated that she has enjoys being alone because “the only person you have is you, so you really have to be kind that person.” Below are a few more excerpts from Instyle:

About being true to herself
“I’d rather be loved or hated for being myself than for being somebody I’m not. If people don’t like that I tell it like it is, then they should at least be able to respect …read more

Source:: Cele|bitchy


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