In another excerpt from his upcoming book, former House Speaker John Boehner writes that he’d “never seen anybody treat a staffer” like former President Donald Trump once did.

Boehner will release his memoir On the House next week, and on Thursday, Punchbowl News published an excerpt in which Boehner recalls once golfing with two insurance executives and Trump before he was elected president.

The former Republican leader says that as the group was getting ready to play, Trump asked a young staffer of Boehner’s, who they called BJ, for the names of the two executives, and the staffer said, “I think they’re Joe and Jeff.” This turned out to not be correct, and when Trump and Boehner discovered they had been repeatedly calling the executives by the wrong names, the future president was allegedly quite upset.

“He marched over to BJ and got right in his face to the point that BJ might have had to take a step or two back,” Boehner writes. “Then Trump shouted, ‘What are you, some kind of idiot?’ He pointed to the rest of our impromptu foursome. ‘These guys’ names are Mike and David!'”

Boehner goes on to write that Trump shouted at the …read more

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