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Biden says he’s open to negotiating on how to pay for his $2 trillion jobs plan
62 million doses of Johnson & Johnson vaccine need to be checked for contamination
The White House will unveil six steps on gun control later today

With Jordan Erb.

1. WILL BIDEN MAKE A DEAL?: President Joe Biden says he’s willing to cut a deal on parts of his infrastructure plan. He said he could accept a lower corporate tax rate than the 28% he proposed to help pay for his $2 trillion jobs over 15 years. But Biden also offered a resounding defense of both the scope of his plan and the idea that companies are not paying their fair share.

Key quote: “We’re going to — we’re going to try to put an end to this.  Not fleece them — 28%.  If you’re a mom, a dad, a cop, firefighter, police officer, et cetera, you’re paying close to that in your income tax,” Biden said at an event outlining his plan.

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