Thandie Newton has been working steadily since the early 1990s. But “steadily” would downplay the roles that she has taken on since the beginning of her career, most notably in my opinion with Gridlock’d along side Tupac. Thandie is starring in HBO’s Westworld which is about to start filming its fourth season. She will also star in Reminiscence, with Hugh Jackman, out this year.

Thandie is has been outspoken about the abuse that she experienced at the hands of director, John Duigan, who directed her first film, Flirting in 1991. Thandie reclaimed her story in the process of opening up about it.

Now Thandie is reclaiming her name. Thandie was born Thandiwe Newton. Thandiwe’s mother was the daughter of a Shona chief from Zimbabwe and her father was a British man from Cornwall. Thandiwe says in a new interview in British Vogue that she silenced the “W” in her name so that she wouldn’t be othered in school. She will now be using her full name as she doesn’t seek to blend in but stand out. Below are a few excerpts from her interview with British Vogue:

On speaking out against abusers
“I have a seventh sense for abuse and …read more

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