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Kensington Palace released these two photos (and some videos) of Prince William yesterday. They could not be any more obvious if they tried. The way William posed is so funny to me. They truly made the Other Brother go into the Palace Costuming and Props Department and had him try on blue shirts and they were like “this shirt is too purple, try this one” and “unbutton one more button so you can show your manly chest fur” and “roll up your sleeves so people know you’re keen as you make phone calls.” Honestly, William’s chest fur is making me physically ill, and I’m someone who LIKES chest hair on a man. But this is gross.

The reason why William posed for these pics was because he was making calls to healthcare workers. Kensington Palace wants us to know that William has spoken to “more than 300 healthcare workers across the UK since the start of 2021.” How many NHS workers did he speak to last year, while he and his keen wife were traipsing across the country maskless?

Meanwhile, I ignored this story when it happened over the weekend, but …read more

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