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Your modem and your router may be similar in appearance, but they have distinct roles when it comes to delivering you an internet connection.

Even if you aren’t running your own server, it’s a good idea to have a basic grasp of how these two pieces of hardware work in tandem to deliver your internet. That way, you’ll have an easier time determining the best router and modem setup for your local network, and troubleshooting any internet-related issues that may arise.

Here’s a brief explainer on what you should know about your modem and router to keep them running optimally.

Modem vs. router

The essential difference between a modem and a router is that a modem connects you to the internet as a whole while the router manages and routes the internet to your devices.

A modem is your gateway to internet access

The modem authenticates and connects you to your chosen internet service provider (ISP), which might be a local provider or a national company like AT&T or Comcast.

Generally, a modem is black, with an appearance similar to a gaming console — flashing lights and a sleek, compact design. They can be as small …read more

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