Larissa lima my ice arrest was god telling me to go home to braz

On Saturday, September 19 of last year, Larissa Lima was detained by ICE for hours before being released.

She has spoken very little about that harrowing encounter, but always planned to share more.

This week, Larissa opened up about what it felt like to have her worst fears almost realized.

She had an epiphany. The self-styled queen may self-deport, possibly even going home to Brazil.

Larissa Lima has only shared a handful of videos to her YouTube channel since launching it.

Clearly, she chooses her topics carefully.

But in her first update in about a month, Larissa is addressing her ICE arrest in 2020.

Larissa recently received two letters in the mail.

The first was from immigration court.

The second, she shared, was a request to check in with ICE.

“And I’m still debating if I should self-deport myself,” Larissa shared, as you can see in this clip.

“Or,” she continued, “or wait [and see if] the judge tells me I have to leave.”

“Like I said,” Larissa shared, “I’ve been thinking a lot with Eric — he’s not here.”

“We really want to go visit other countries,” Larissa expressed of her plans with her on-again boyfriend.

“We really want to spend time with my family, my kids, in Brazil,” she added.

“And,” Larissa …read more

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