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The UK government has unveiled a new competition watchdog designed to monitor the activities of tech giants like Facebook and Google. 

The Digital Markets Unit is set to “crack down on unfair practices” and enforce a new competition regime which covers digital businesses with “considerable market power.” 

Officials working under Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the formation of the new body in November 2020, as antitrust actions around the world — including in the US, EU, and Australia — began to bite Big Tech. 

The unit, officially launched on Wednesday, has been tasked with drawing up potential codes of conduct for Big Tech platforms in the UK, in particular looking at how they might govern the relationship between digital platforms and groups such as small businesses which rely on them to advertise or use their services to reach their customers.

The unit will spend a year drawing up this legal framework. It will also need to await lawmaker approval before it is given the power to impose fines or other penalties on big tech firms.

The new entity will sit within the existing UK competition watchdog, the Competition and Markets Authority, which can investigate and block mergers and impose fines to anti-competitive behavior. …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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