Audience at Buckingham Palace

Weird things keep happening with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the media around them. It’s clear that William and Kate’s PR has significantly diverged in recent years, especially in the post-Sussexit year. Kate’s PR is that she’s the royal revolutionary Top CEO who holds everything together for poor, weak, rage-filled, emotional William. William’s PR is that he’s the other brother, a future king who doesn’t need his charismatic younger brother and that Kate is okay because she raises the children. The other layer to this is that William and Kate are actively pushing their diverging PR onto the establishment British media – notably, the Times of London – and that the PR is dead on arrival. Hardly any other outlet really covered the recent Times articles, which is an incredibly bad sign for Other Brother and Keen Guevara. Clearly, no one is buying it. So instead, people like Andrew Morton and Katie Nicholl continue to yammer on about how Kate is wonderful because she’s voiceless, lazy and has a personality disorder which causes her to gleefully exploit murder victims and appropriate the experiences of other women.

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