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President Joe Biden in an impassioned speech on Wednesday framed infrastructure as a matter of national security, warning that China is outpacing the US as he excoriated Republicans who oppose his $2 trillion plan. 

After months of Republicans claiming Biden is too soft on Beijing, the president is flipping the script. Biden has effectively accused the GOP of aiding China by pushing against his infrastructure proposal, which Republicans have dismissed as too costly. 

“My Republican friends, many of them say it is too big. Why not just focus on traditional infrastructure?” Biden said of the GOP response to his plan. “We are America. We don’t just fix for today. We build for tomorrow.”

Biden’s infrastructure plan aims to boost the US economy via investments in transportation, broadband, manufacturing, clean energy, and research and development in technology, among other areas and issues. The proposal focuses heavily on addressing climate change, and would increase the corporate tax rate.

“Do you think China is waiting around to invest in its digital infrastructure or research and development? I promise you, they are not waiting,” Biden said. “But they are counting on American democracy to be too slow, too limited, and too divided to …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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