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1. Here’s how to determine whether your phone number was leaked in the giant Facebook breach — in just 10 seconds. After the personal data of 533 million Facebook users was stolen and placed on a hacking forum, the website “Have I been pwned” added an update to let users see if their number was leaked. Check if your information was breached.

2. Jeff Bezos said Amazon supports a corporate tax hike to pay for Biden’s infrastructure plan. The Amazon CEO said the plan — which would raise the tax rate for corporations to 28%, up from 21% — will “require concessions from all sides.” More from Bezos’ statement.

3. Amazon has a quota for the number of employees it would be happy to see leave each year. One of the key pieces of Amazon’s complex performance review process is a metric that represents the percentage of employees managers weren’t sad to see leave — whether they parted ways voluntarily or otherwise. An inside look at the metric that employees say fosters Amazon’s cutthroat culture.

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