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This is Trump’s team fighting his legal battles
Rep. Matt Gaetz reportedly sought a blanket pardon
These 17 Gen Z climate activists are ready to challenge Biden

With Jordan Erb.

1. ALL OF TRUMP’S LAWYERS: Former President Donald Trump faces legal jeopardy on multiple fronts. He runs the risk of becoming the first president to be indicted. In his corner is a mix of lawyers who helped him try to overturn the election, plus those who defended him during his first impeachment. Even in the ever-changing Trumpworld, there are many familiar faces.

Here’s a peek at Insider’s exclusive list of Trump’s team:

Election challengers: Sidney Powell and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani are outcasts now, but Trump leans on other campaign veterans who played less high-profile roles in the post-election fight.

Key names: Justin Clark, a former deputy campaign manager, continues to coordinate Trump’s legal efforts. Multiple Trump advisors have criticized Clark over his handling of court fights across battleground states that fizzled amid the baseless and conspiracy-heavy strategy advanced by …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Politics


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