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Investing wasn’t David Cheriton’s original career goal. The founder and CEO of Apstra, a data center network automation company, told Insider his ambition back in the day was to be a classical guitar player or involved in theater.

“But I was better at math,” he said. 

Cheriton became an early investor in Google when he was a Stanford University professor, after having mentored Sergey Brin and Larry Page as grad students. 

“Andy Bechtolsheim, a fellow early investor who I also founded a few startups with, showed up in his Porsche and we got the first demonstration of how Google works on the front porch of my house,” he said. “You don’t think these things take place quite so informally, but they actually do,” he added.

Cheriton has also backed many other well-known tech firms and mentored dozens of entrepreneurs, including serving as an advisor to Diane Greene, cofounder and CEO of VMware, in which he was also an early investor. 

With both Google and VMware, his decision-making process was the same. 

“I didn’t really think about it or agonize over it, I just did it,” he said. “I knew the people and bought into the story.”

In 2004, Cheriton cofounded a data …read more

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