Avery Warner and Taj

90 Day Fiance viewers were stunned last year when they learned that Tom Brooks despised Avery Warner.

As the year dragged on, however, a lot of fans started to see where he was coming from.

Avery still has some fans, and one new topic is uniting fans and critics alike.

What in the world did Avery do to her face? She looks totally unrecognizable.

Avery Warner’s romance with Ash Naeck did not work out as either had hoped.

But their time on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days did catapult them both into the spotlight.

And sometimes, people who are suddenly getting a lot of attention from fans feel pressured to get tune-ups.

On Sunday, Avery shared a number of family photos.

In the pictures, her mother was visiting with her and with her daughter, Sylver.

Avery is shown wearing a saffron blouse … but looking entirely unlike herself.

Her hair appears to be a lighter color than before.

Additionally, fans and followers speculate that she received lip fillers.

While some noted her full cheeks and suspected weight gain, others mused about cheek implants or fillers.

Commenters across social media were quick to point out this dramatic change.

“Are you sure? I see nothing of …read more

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