The Queen and Princess Margaret make the

Andrew Morton recently gave an interesting interview to Vogue to promote his latest book, Elizabeth & Margaret: the Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters. It’s obviously about the Queen’s relationship with her only sibling, Princess Margaret, who passed away in 2002. I was curious as to why – of all the royal stories – Morton would do a book about Margaret at this very moment. That question was sort of answered with this Vogue piece – Morton is drawing a comparison between Liz and Margaret’s sisterly rivalry and Prince William and Harry’s brotherly rivalry. There are comparisons to be made, and that’s worth discussing, of course. But I do think Morton sort of misses the mark – while the Queen was extremely jealous of Margo, the Queen never gleefully fed the press daily propaganda about Margaret bullying staffers or whatever. Anyway, I did find this Vogue piece interesting. Some highlights from Morton:

Whether there’s always tension between heir & spare: “There’s always tension, because the heir gets the final say, and the spare, however good, however brilliant, however dynamic, however charismatic they are, is always second in command, the wingman. Forever playing No. …read more

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