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Lisa Andrea, 32, knew exactly what she wanted to do after college: She wanted to pursue her MBA, become a certified public accountant, and work for a Big Four accounting firm.

“That was my dream,” Andrea, who asked to use a different last name in compliance with her company, told Insider.

But with student loans to cover, she decided to take on a full-time role right after school — having graduated in under four years — save some money, and build up her résumé.

After two years of working in marketing, she enrolled in a part-time MBA program with an emphasis on accounting at San Diego State University, which required her to study twice a week at night for four hours.

“I had talked with many C-suite executives of different corporations before applying to grad programs to get their advice on the type of school to go to,” she said about her application process. “Unanimously, every person I spoke with said not to spend the money on an expensive university, unless it was a top-10 program like Yale, Harvard, etc.”

Andrea is glad she listened to their advice. Instead of ending up with a price tag upwards of $200,000, she instead paid about …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Strategy


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