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For years, the 3D printing company MakerBot hosted all its software and data through Amazon’s cloud platform, AWS. But in 2018, the firm started seeking out alternatives in order to save money, reduce latency, and make life easier for its small engineering team.

MakerBot ultimately hired SADA Systems to help it make the migration to Google Cloud, since the services firm offers its clients support engineers, customer success managers, and more. 

MakerBot started planning the move in February 2019 and by that summer it had set up teams to manage the process. It started preparing its production environment in September and by the end of that year its traffic was served entirely through Google Cloud. 

Ultimately, MakerBot estimates that it cut its monthly costs by about 30% by switching from Amazon to Google, MakerBot’s lead cloud software architect Erik Ahrend told Insider (the firm to share information about its overall spend).

The switch saved its engineers time, too:

MakerBot previously self-managed its use of open source cloud computing project Kubernetes on AWS’s Elastic Compute Cloud, which required significant effort from its small team. It now uses a managed service so its developers can spend less time worrying while Google Cloud …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Tech


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