Alana thompson cries at mama june shannon i was afraid youd die

During her catastrophic downward spiral, Mama June Shannon did more than just nearly end her life.

The multiple betrayals of trust nearly destroyed her entire family.

Now sober, she’s about to be reunited with her daughters on Mama June: Road to Redemption.

But is she ready to hear what her daughters have to say to her?

WEtv released a sneak peek of this grueling Mama June: Road to Redemption reunion.

“You don’t know how many nights I cry myself to sleep,” Alana confesses.

She is openly tearful as she speaks to her mother in this painful heart-to-heart.

This isn’t run-of-the-mill teen angst, either, even though Alana is 15.

She explains to her mom that she weeps “just hoping and praying that you don’t overdose.”

There were many times in 2019 and even very early 2020 when we all shared that fear.

No one, of course, felt that more acutely than her teenage daughter.

This very visibly hits June hard.

During her extended drug binge, she clearly did not appreciate how her actions hurt her family.

That is part of what makes this moment so important — driving home that fact.

This is where Lauryn speaks up after having cared for Alana for a couple of years because June was unfit to do so.

“I …read more

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